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DEA1.1 positive    and / or    DEA1.1 negative

Canine Packed Red Blood Cells:

Derived from 350mls of whole blood with plasma removed.Storage: 1- 6°C for 35 days

Canine Fresh Frozen Plasma:

Derived from 350mls of whole blood where plasma is separated from red blood cells within 6 – 8 hrs after collection and then quick-frozen. Using this processing method ensures the plasma retains all stable proteins and coagulation factors.Storage: minus 20°C for 1 year

Canine Cryosupernatant:

Derived from 350mls of whole blood, plasma is removed up to 72 hrs after collection. Fibrinogen has been removed from Frozen Plasma (Cryosupernatant) can be ordered specifically in cases where excess clotting could be a risk factor.
Storage: minus 20C for 1 year

Canine Cryoprecipitate:

A small volume (10 – 15mls) component derived from Fresh Frozen Plasma. Concentrate of coagulation factors, von Willebrand’s Factor, Fibrinogen and Fibronectin.
Storage: minus 20C for 1 year

Whole Blood (Modified):

One unit FFP & 1 unit pRBC's from the same donorTherapeutic equivalent of fresh whole blood (fresh whole blood available upon request)

Whole Blood:

Call for availability. Stored Whole BloodStorage: 4 - 6°C for 21 - 28 days

Plasma for Neonates:

15 ml tubes.

Canine Blood Typing:

DEA 1.1 positive and/or DEA 1.1 negative

Blood Filters:

80 micron or 170- 260 micron

For packed blood cells & plasma products and for cryoprecipitate administration.

Spike Coupler

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